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Kids Talk About God  --  "Inspiring Children"

Welcome to Kids Talk About God! We’re all about inspiring children by providing high-quality Christian content for kids, families and teachers. When you journey through our site, you will notice that children have a voice here. Their Christian faith expressions are what make Kids Talk About God so unique.

One of our most popular items is an online Bible for children. Beginning in Genesis, this online Bible offers children 54 printable Bible lessons and Bible coloring pages. The Kids Color Me Bible features Christian art by child artists in every chapter. Bible stories take on new life when illustrated by children. The Kids Color Me Bible also features answers by children to thought-provoking questions, as well as Bible story coloring pages. With kid-friendly commentaries, the chapters make good printable Bible lessons for children.

For more Christian art, we have a full online art gallery of biblical art drawn by children. If you’re looking for Bible verses for children, you might want to start here, as each Christian art piece illustrates a Scripture verse and are printable as memory verse cards.

For those interested in performing arts, evangelism, missionaries, wildlife or Africa, be sure to check out Mission Explorers Africa: The Musical and Audition. It’s a new, 45-minute children’s musical that is available free of charge for churches, Christian schools and home school groups to perform. It’s also a chance for the children who perform in it to audition for the lead role in a missionary documentary to be shot on location in Africa! Click here for more info.

Kids Talk About God inspires children to know God and to explore the Bible. Our menus offer children an array of choices. Gain new insights into Bible lessons when you hear real kids talking about God in our Kid TV Interviews, the Mission Explorers Streaming Video and the Kids Talk About God Talking Book. We pray and its abundant Christian content will be a great blessing to many children, as well as teachers, parents, grandparents and others.

Kids Talk About God, by Carey Kinsolving & Friends

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