Mission Explorers Kenya

Mission Explorers Kenya is a long-anticipated follow-up to the original Mission Explorers Video Series, which has been used as mission curriculum in thousands of churches all over the U.S. The object of the new video is to teach American children about Christian mission work in Kenya. It will also include exciting, interesting and cultural aspects of Kenya, with segments about the amazing wildlife, unique music, delicious cuisine and the variety of beautiful landscapes God has created there. We are currently planning to shoot the new video on-location in Kenya during the summer of 2017.

Producer Carey Kinsolving had long been dreaming about creating a new Mission Explorers video. He waited on the Lord’s timing, and finally in October 2014 he had an idea. He asked his wife, Lisa, to write a children’s musical based on the Africa portion of the original Mission Explorers Video Series. The idea was that Christian schools and churches would perform Mission Explorers Africa: The Musical and send us videos of their productions. This would be our way of searching for the right child to feature in the new video.

Over the last several months, with much prayer, God has been opening doors. Many ministries in Kenya have come to our attention in various, wonderful ways. We have had the pleasure of meeting several bright, articulate, confident children and getting to know them through the process of auditioning and vetting them and their parents. Any one of them could have done a spectacular job. The difficult part was choosing just ONE to feature in the new video!

We prayed earnestly for divine guidance. We are praising the Lord, as we have come to a final decision to feature (drum-roll, please!) 12-year-old Jesse Patete from North Carolina. We discovered him when he played a small speaking part in Mission Explorers Africa: The Musical, performed by Asheville Christian Academy. In one portion of his audition/vetting process, we gave him a sample script for the new video. We asked him to study, but not necessarily memorize it, then send us a video. Click here to view his audition reading video. We think he’s a natural! 

Please keep checking this page for updates. Lift up this project in prayer, as the Lord brings it to mind. We need prayer for health, protection, preparation, finances and guidance.


We have secured all the flights and most of the ground transportation arrangements, as well as sleeping accommodations. As you’ll see below, we have eight ministries in Kenya whose stories we’ll be telling in the new documentary Mission Explorers Kenya. There are also plenty of stops where we’ll discover and celebrate the people, communities, culture, wildlife and natural beauty of Kenya.

Mission Explorers Kenya: Itinerary for Prayer
Please pray for Carey & Lisa Kinsolving, Christine and Jesse (age 12) and Jake Newby (photographer) from June 8 through July 19, 2017 in their production of Mission Explorers Kenya, a documentary to be shot in Kenya, Africa that shows missionaries and their work through the eyes of a 12-year-old American boy.

June 8-10
Carey & Lisa fly from Texas to Nairobi via Houston, London and Istanbul. Crazy itineraries happen when you use "points" to pay for your flights! Pray for safe and timely travel, ability to sleep during flights and good health for all involved. Pray that God would open our eyes to the divine appointments all through our journey. Also, please pray that any bans on traveling with computers and camera equipment would not affect any of our flights.

June 9-11
Christine & Jesse Patete fly from North Carolina to Nairobi via Washington D.C., Geneva and Istanbul.

June 10-12
Jake Newby, our director of photography, flies from California to Nairobi via Phoenix and London.

June 13-14
Crossway International water well ministry

Pray that we would have sensitive hearts to tell each story God’s way. We’ll be featuring Dean Chollar, who often travels by himself on international flights to Kenya and Nicaragua where Crossway has ministries. So what is the big deal about Dean traveling by himself? Dean is totally blind. He can’t tell day from night. We can hardly wait to shoot video of him in action giving the gospel of grace to native Kenyans.

Carey’s Note: I’m super excited about starting this documentary with Dean. I’ve known him since our days at Florida Bible College in the 70s. He will be an inspiration to all who see him in this Mission Explorers Kenya.

Pray for good memory for Carey and Jesse, who have to speak pre-written scripts on camera.

June 14
Arrive in afternoon at Mount Kenya Baptist Fellowship.

June 14-19
Mount Kenya Baptist Fellowship, Nanyuki, Kenya

This ministry was started by Jerry and Sherry Daniels about 40 years ago. Several Christian schools and about 50 Baptist churches have been established. It is now in the process of being turned over to Kenyan leaders.

In addition to featuring this ministry, we plan to visit an animal orphanage that rescues African animals. We’ll also visit the Ngare Ndare Forest Trust, Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy and Timaflor, the largest rose-growing operation in all of Kenya.

June 19
Travel to Kijabe via Lake Elmenteita (flamingos).
Pray that we can find plenty of flamingos to get some beautiful video, and for safe travel.

June 20-26
Kijabe Hospital & Rift Valley Academy
www.kijabehospital.org & www.rva.org

Pray for the people of Kenya as they approach their next presidential election in August. The Rift Valley in particular is a volatile area politically, and there is a history of violence between tribes surrounding elections.

Kijabe Hospital was started by missionaries more than 100 years ago. It has grown to become a large, 363-bed hospital now run by a Kenyan woman. We will go see what it means to glorify God through medical ministry.

Rift Valley Academy was started by missionaries who wanted their kids to be with them on the mission field, but still have a good, English-speaking school to attend nearby. In 1909, shortly after the end of his presidency, President Teddy Roosevelt laid the cornerstone for the school’s main building. Many missionaries to Kenya and Africa have come from this school. We’ll find out what it’s like when 500 kids from 30 different countries all attend the same school together!

Bird Safari: We will have a bird guide, who has a master’s degree in ornithology. The Kijabe area is a great place to bird watch.

June 25
Kiambethu Farm

Fiona Vernon’s grandfather started this tea farm. She will be leading the tour.

Situated at 7,200 ft., Kiambethu was bought and farmed by AB McDonell in 1910. He was the first person to grow, make and sell tea commercially in Kenya - now one of Kenya’s biggest exports. Five generations have lived on the farm and it is currently run by his granddaughter Fiona Vernon. The farm house is set within beautiful gardens surrounded by acres of tea and indigenous forest - home to the Colobus monkey and plenty of other wildlife.

June 26
Travel to Sekenani on border of Maasai Mara Reserve with missionary Travis Sawyer

June 26-July 4
Travis Sawyer mission work with Maasai people & 3 days of safari on Maasai Mara Reserve

Travis & Laura Sawyer – Missionaries to the Maasai people.

Visit Travis Sawyer and film his mission work with the Masai people and three days of safari on Maasai Mara Reserve, world-famous for its massive wildlife migration. Pray for our safety being out around wild animals, and for the African elephants, which are threatened by huge amounts of poaching, among other things. Pray for all who are trying to protect Kenya’s wildlife and natural beauty.

In addition to being a missionary, Travis has good connections with the US Embassy in Nairobi. Travis has served in Kenya for more than 10 years. He is fluent in Swahili, which is like a second language in Kenya. In some rural parts of Kenya, Swahili is the first language. Travis is familiar with all the areas of Kenya in which we’ll be traveling.

Travis has been so helpful in helping this project along. He is a builder and teacher. The Sawyers have four girls of their own, but they also take orphans and needy children into their home. Travis is the pastor of a church and helps with a Christian school. I can hardly keep up with all the building projects he has. Everyone wants him for their building projects. When he lived in the Atlanta area, he was a contractor who built houses.

Travis lives on the border of the famous Maasai Mara Reserve, which is where more than a million wildebeest cross the Mara River every year in search of greener pastures. There are no fences to the reserve. You might say the Sawyers live in the midst of one of the world’s largest outdoor zoos. One of his daughter’s favorite activities is to go four-wheeling among the giraffes. We intend to put Jesse on an ATV to join her.

Three of our seven days at Masai Mara will be spent photographing wild animals: lions, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, zebra, impala, etc. Travis has arranged for us to go on a private game reserve away from the tour groups that we’ll see at the reserve. This is one instance where we were able to leverage the fact that we’re producing a documentary to gain access to a private reserve that is normally reserved for the wealthy.

July 5
Travel to Nairobi with Travis Sawyer

July 6-10
One of the staff at Rosslyn Academy has made her house available to us. Her house is located on the campus of Rosslyn Academy near the US Embassy and the United Nations in Nairobi. This is a great blessing. We plan to take a tour of the United Nations regional headquarters, which is walking distance from where we will stay. Perhaps we will ride bikes in Karura Forest, which is also close to where we are staying.

July 6
ARK School

This is a ministry of SIM International, one of the largest evangelical mission organizations in the world. Pray that students, teachers, and parents would continue to experience God's love through the ministry of the ARK school.

Many of the ARK School students are from the Borana tribe, which was originally nomadic and migrated to Nairobi only 20-30 years ago. Most have never had an education and are not able to read and write. With approximately 130 children in attendance at the ARK Primary School, a great need in the community is being met. The school also shares the Gospel and touches the community with the love of God.

This is in a slum area of Nairobi. Even though we will go to the Ark School with one of the main people who helped start it, I consider this one of the most risky parts of our trip. Please pray for this situation as well as the next day in Kibera.

July 7
Kibera Calvary School

Visit Pastor Timothy Mulehi at Calvary Evangelistic Church and School in Kibera. Pray for safety as we enter a troubled and crime-ridden area to see what God is doing there.

Kibera is the largest slum in Africa and houses more than one million people in roughly one square mile. Most of Kibera slum residents live in extreme poverty, earning less than $1.00 per day. Crime and unemployment are high. Most people cannot afford education for their children. Clean water is scarce. Diseases caused by poor hygiene are prevalent. A great majority of Kibera residents lack access to basic services including electricity, running water, and medical care. Pastor Timothy's mission through Calvary Evangelistic Church and School is to provide the message of God’s love and hope to the people of Kibera. The children who live on the streets need a place to eat, learn and sleep, and he oversees the school and encourages others to share their love with Kibera.

Again, we will be going to the Kibera Calvary School with Pastor Mulehi, but I still consider it risky. If there’s a major problem, you can’t call 911.

July 8
David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi

This is a wonderful place that rescues orphaned baby elephants and rhinos. Elephant and rhino poaching in Africa is a major problem. Greed for elephant ivory and the rhino horn have put both animals at great risk.

Dominic Khaemba (African musician/producer)

Dominic is the best friend Lisa and I have never met face to face. He arranged and produced the children’s musical Lisa wrote entitled Mission Explorers Africa. Dominic is one of the most talented musicians in all of Africa and a wonderful brother in the Lord. He is going to demonstrate for us various African instruments. I don’t think there is any instrument that he cannot play well.

Eat at the Thorn Tree Café in the Sarova Stanley Hotel. This is a famous restaurant in a famous hotel. Remember the newspaper reporter who is famous for saying, “Dr. Livingstone I presume.” This is one of the most famous missionary encounters in all of history. This hotel is named after the reporter who found Dr. Livingstone in the heart of Africa after searching for him for a long time.

July 9
Attend church on Rosslyn Academy campus.

Giraffe Center in Nairobi
This is a place dedicated to rescuing an endangered giraffe species called the Rothschild Giraffe. We can hardly wait to see the baby giraffes.

Interview Phil Dow, superintendent of Rosslyn Academy and author of School in the Clouds, which is a book about the impact and influence of Rift Valley Academy on African missions.

July 10
Visit to United Nations Regional Headquarters in Nairobi

Possible biking in Karura Forest

July 11
Flight from Nairobi to Ukunda on the Kenyan Coast
Pray for safe travel.

July 11-12
Real 4 Christ
This ministry started by Chris Moore operates three Christian schools. Mainly Muslims send their kids to these schools. This ministry also operates a health clinic. A graduate of Rift Valley Academy, Chris Moore and his wife, Lisa, founded Real 4 Christ in 2007. Their ministries consist of evangelism, church planting, feeding programs, education and medicine. Chris enjoys training the national people to run the day-to-day operation of the churches, schools and feeding centers that are established in the remote villages. Lisa uses her nursing education to administrate the operation of each clinic and help meet the physical needs of the Kenyan people.

July 13
Wasini Island & Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park and Reserve
This is where we’re going on an underwater safari to see some of Kenya’s most beautiful coral reefs and tropical fish.

July 14
More underwater safari, but from Diani Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Kenya. We plan to ride camels on the beach and to shoot video of the opening of Mission Explorers Kenya.

July 15
Return flight to Nairobi

July 16

Attend Dominic’s church.
Upload remaining video to the cloud.

July 17
Jake departs for U.S.
Everyone else packs for return trip.

July 18-19
Kinsolvings & Patetes return to the U.S. via Johannesburg and London.
Pray for safe travels, rest and good health. Pray for the post-production process as we go through and organize the footage, write and record additional voiceovers, and edit to achieve the final product.

If you are interested in supporting this new project, we are in need of much prayer (see itinerary above for specific prayer concerns). It is a huge undertaking and there are SO many details that still need attention. Of course, we would greatly welcome financial support as well, should you feel led to participate in that way. Financial gifts may be made via PayPal by using the "Make a Donation" button on this page, or you can mail checks to Kids Talk About God, PO Box 3846, South Padre Island, TX 78597. If you require a giving receipt, please make checks payable to “AMG International,” the non-profit under which we operate.

We feel strongly that supporting this project will yield abundant fruit as it, in turn, promotes the eight ministries we will feature. Our goal for this new documentary is to inspire the next generation of missionaries and to make viewers aware of the current needs of the Kenyan ministries featured in Mission Explorers Kenya. Each featured ministry will get 30 seconds at the end of the documentary to present its needs with contact information where viewers can help. Your giving to support this documentary will have the leverage of making a lot of people aware of the eight ministries we feature.

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